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Better Options are Now There for the Perfect Business Process Management

With the use of more and more common computer terms related to BPM, collaboration and data management in general, we often find approximations and amalgam.

The terms “workflow” and “process” are typical examples. For many people these two terms are equivalent or at least the difference is far from clear while it is important to distinguish them.

Workflow and process – what differences?

A process is a set of related activities that transforms input elements into output elements. So almost any action, project, program can be seen as a process. As for the workflow in the software sense is the representation of a sequence of tasks or operations performed by one or more actors (person, group, company). A workflow engine can be used to model the process “by computer”.

Example of a flowchart for a “Product Technical File Request” process:

Workflow: Business Process Modeling

The workflow is thus used to describe the process and its structure: the tasks to be distributed among the different actors, but also the deadlines, the validation methods, and the information to be provided to each actor.

Processes can therefore be modeled as workflow that is, represented as a series of structured tasks but the business value is carried by the process.

However, in a context of limited resources and many processes in an organization, where should we start?

The challenge is not simple. Should we start with processes that require more budget or more solicited processes? It’s a safe bet that we will have to prioritize. How to do it? Two tracks of answers appear to us. For any kind of issue now you can find this solution now.

Evaluate processes according to the maturity scale

First, each process must be characterized by a level of maturity. There are 5 levels of process maturity. Figure 1 allows you to use these criteria to define what level you are at.

The first level of maturity, initial, produces unpredictable returns. The second, repeatable, demonstrates basic control, which can be detached from customer expectations. In the third level, standardized, the definition of customer expectations and the measurement of their satisfaction are initiated.

From here, we can begin improvement projects leading to the fourth level, improved. Finally, level 5 is optimized. To achieve this, several improvement projects have been executed and there is no longer any gain in velocity or quality possible with the technologies used in the process.

Combine maturity with the impact of processes

To make a process choice, we could prioritize one with a maturity level of 1. However, if it has little impact on business objectives, it is better to choose a process that has a greater impact on the business.

The same level of maturity

Do you have process management challenges in your organization? Our business process optimization and manufacturing performance improvement teams can assist you in your process.

Perfect Web Design Options For the Companies

You know you need a professional homepage. But how are you supposed to find the web designer you trust and how do you know what to pay attention to? After all, you are not a computer scientist and, moreover, something is constantly changing in the field. And how do you find out if a web design agency is really good? These internet fuzzes can tell you everything.

Whether you are an entrepreneur with a new idea or a well-established company looking to renew their online presence – finding the right partner to develop a website is not easy. The good news: there have never been so many web design service providers. The bad news: it has never been so difficult to select the right provider from the offer.

Do not worry, there is hope!

We divide the process into steps for you and give you a few tips that will make the selection no longer a problem for you.

If you receive an offer without an in-depth preliminary discussion, then you should be careful. As a rule, a serious and later also implementable offer for SEO and online marketing measures without the knowledge of the following points is hardly feasible. From the Salterra Affordable Web Design you will be having the perfect options now.

  • If in doubt, you will not see these negative results until after you have finished working with these dubious service providers.
  • Serious SEOs will not promise you “to get you to # 1” guaranteed. We cannot do that, big agencies cannot. Nobody can.
  • The purpose of our services is to adapt your website to the current standards (technical, content, structural) of the search engine providers.
  1. Goggling

If you have not been recommended an agency, do a Google search for “Web design + your city”?

So you can quickly see which agencies are able to design not only “beautiful” websites, but also to ensure that your website appears as far ahead in the Google search results.

Pay attention to which agencies already have the “https protocol”. You will recognize this by a small lock displayed at the top of the browser next to the URL of the web page.

Why is that important?

For Google, the https protocol has become a ranking factor. This means that web pages with this log will appear further in the search results. But more importantly, this process ensures that there is a secure connection between the website visitor and website. This is required, for example, when submitting form data.

Look at the agencies’ portfolios

Visit the websites of the found web design companies and see which websites are in the portfolio of the respective agency.So you can see very quickly whether the style of the work done to date fits your personal ideas.

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