Equal Opportunities For Girls In Sailing

Various attempts have been made to ensure that the right to equality is availed to each individual in all the spheres of life and with the same motive, the International Olympic Committee have left no stone unturned to ensure more participation of women in sailing.

For the same purpose, they are working with international sporting federations which will try to fulfill their dream of equal participation. For making this true, the sailing at Olympic will be played by an equal number of men and women and the most interesting part is that both of them will also have equal medals in the game. Besides this, the concept of gender balance will also be extended to team support and race officials.

This is a great initiative taken by the committee considering the fact that the sports at all levels were ordinarily dominated by male. And the idea of encouraging more women to participate will ensure the overall growth of the sport.

Although it is an uphill task to ensure equal participation because how can they balance the genders at the apex of the pyramid when the base itself is unbalanced? But there is a high chance that they will be influenced by the New Zealand Federation of sailing’s work which at Sir Peter Blake Regatta which was held from 1-2 December in Auckland, asked the female competitors to attract more and more women in the sailing sport.

The former winner of Tanner Cup, Erica Dawson, who had a great and successful career is sailing and since the Tanner Cup has finished in top 15 at the world championships in 49erFX, will be heading the 6-months project. Suffice it to say that now after all these attempts there are more opportunities for women as well in the world of sailing whose impact can be seen at the Paris Olympics which will be held in 2024.

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